Secure Form

Empower your enterprise with our secure form builder for seamless data collection and workflows. Automate, collaborate, and scale without constraints, all while prioritizing uncompromising security. Safeguard your data with confidence as you streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Why does my business need secure form builder

Easy to use Form Builder

Use the drag & drop web form builder or choose from existing templates to create registrations, quizes,  participant surveys, order forms, patient forms and many more. When done, just share a link.

Build your Workflow

Create dynamic workflow processes that help you stay organised while powering your business with simple notifications, approval workflows, multi-person submissions, fill now complete later features and more.

Streamlined Data Collection

Collect business value data from your website, hosted URL, QR codes, or any html embedded application. Derive insights with our rich reporting dashboard.

Security and Privacy

Our customers are medical, government and other privacy-conscious organisations. We put privacy first in handling your form data with features like encryption, data isolation, data retention and disposal, SSO, MFA and many other features.

What key features does our modern workspace offer?

Our secure form builder prioritizes dedicated environment, customized solution adn unlimilited data collection.

Dedicated environment

For an extra level of security, your organization benefits from its exclusive instance of our forms application. Your data is securely stored and processed on dedicated servers, completely isolated from other clients for maximum protection

User management

Provide individual staff members with personalized logins, optionally supported by Single Sign-On (SSO), granting access based on their roles with finely-tuned permissions. Detailed logging of all user actions ensures comprehensive tracking and accountability.

Unlimited data collection

Empower teams of all sizes to effortlessly create, collaborate, and gather data without constraints. With no limits on the number of forms, responses, or traffic demand, your team can scale seamlessly as needed.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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How do we provide the added controls and flexibility you need to power your Enterprise teams?

We provide added controls and flexibility through our white-label solution, customized offerings, and expert consulting and support services, tailored to empower your enterprise teams.

Make it yours

Embed your unique domain name, branding, and terminology seamlessly into the application. This ensures that your staff and clients exclusively encounter your brand, fostering a cohesive and personalized experience.

Custom solution

We collaborate closely with you to integrate tailored features, security protocols, and integrations to align with your organization's unique data collection needs and workflow requirements.​

Consulting & support

Get personalized support and expert consulting to seamlessly integrate our forms solution within your organization. you can focus on your business with our ongoing support, ensuring a smooth experience tailored to your needs.

Business Impact Metrics
Security Compliance
20 %
Ease of use
90 %
40 %

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