Secure Backup

Secure backups are one of the ASD top eight  mitigation strategies that every business needs to employ. We support all three maturity levels of ASD top eight implementation using our backup system.

Ensure data security and business continuity with our advanced backup as a service for businesses in Sydney, Canberra, and across Australia

What are the benefits of backup as service?

Rapid and regular backup

Increase backup frequency, expand restore point retention, and achieve superior Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) with significantly smaller incremental backups, reducing data loss risk and ensuring comprehensive protection.

Flexible Storage

Maximize the value of your data while effortlessly navigating infrastructure demands and regulatory requirements with our flexible storage options. Seamlessly adapt to evolving needs and scale your storage infrastructure with ease, whether you require NAS, SAN, disks, or cloud-based solutions.

Tamper-proof backups

With Syntacks’ backup solutions, you can safeguard your critical business data in a manner such that backups are not to be modified by privileged or unprivileged users. Backups are protected behind MFA and are accessible to certain groups only.

Platform backup

Achieve comprehensive protection for your Google worspace or Microsoft 365 data with our integrated solution. No limits to how much you can backup. Simplify management and ensure peace of mind, knowing your critical business data is safeguarded.

How does your backup solution stand against competition?

Our Solutions provide comprehensive features to ensure your backups are functions, secure, temper-proof and recoverable.

Appliance-Free Recovery

Recover full systems seamlessly with Syntacks' comprehensive backup solutions, whether it's on-premises, off-site, or in the cloud.

Data Residency

By default, your backups are stored in isolated network location. residing securely in our Australian private cloud infrastructure so you can rest assured.

Intelligent Data De-duplication

We maximise storage efficiency with Syntacks' intelligent data de-duplication technique that eliminates redundant data.

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How can we gain insights of our backup?

Our solutions provides rich experience for both backup managers and end-users with self-service capability for your team.

One Dashboard

We effortlessly safeguard your servers, workstations, and other critical business data and systems using our unified dashboard.

User Friendly Interface

We simplify your backup processes with intuitive controls and friendly interface so it is easy to keep track of your backup complaince

24x7 Support

Our team is always available for you to get any questions answered, issues fixed or get access to some critical data on an urgent basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our backup solutions support the backup of various types of data, including files, databases,  websites, hypervisors, applications, and virtual machines.

We employ advanced encryption and security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data stored in our cloud storage.

Yes, our backup solutions support automated scheduling to ensure regular backups without manual intervention.

We provide easy-to-use tools and user interface perform self-service data restoration quickly and efficiently.

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